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The wild underground poets of Auckland's inner city, the Theoradical Hobohemians are relieved to announce that Socrates has reincarnated in the living NZ actor Mick Innes and living happily in Grey Lynn. He has come back from the dead to support our show SYMPOSIUM which is an excuse to have a Greek stlye party and dress up in togas. We will be as full on and disrespectful as ever. We aim to amaze, thrill and annoy in equal quantities!

Spoken word and Beat poetry from Poets Simone Kaho, Christian Jensen, Murray Haddow, Leanne Rattray, Rene Harrison and Mick Innes. Music from Adam Colegrove, Murray van Hoorn, Jarad Bryant and Volita Bioletti from The Neo-Kalashnikovs.

Come and join us as we get philosophical and sentimental about love, Greeks and ancient philosophy. Not as high brow as it sounds. Mick Innes NZ veteran actor has written a 10min stand up routine called Soccercrates with a Groucho Marx Plato in homage to his last 10mins of life!

No more platitudes from Plato...what actually happened in Socrates own words! Theatre, nz music, nz doesn't get better than this! Mercury Theatre Sat 19th March 8pm Sharp Door Sales. Toga costume patron get half price cocktails!

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Socrates didn't believe in money but this time you have to pay to hear him talk!!! $25 or two for $40 Student/Goldcard $15 or two for $20

Sat 19th March 8pm Sharp Mercury Theatre

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If all else fails you can contact Ruth Bioletti: